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Infant Insert
Length (from top to base): 39.8 cm
Insert depth (bottom depth): 10.6 cm
Insert base width: 18.5 cm
Insert pillow height: 6.8 cm

Explore Hood
Length: 37.8 cm
Width: 21.9 cm
Reach Straps: 21 cm

Free-to-Grow/Half Buckle Hood
Length: 35.8 cm
Width: 32.4 cm
Reach Straps: 21 cm

Standard/Toddler Hood
Length: 35 cm
Width: 23.2 cm
Reach Straps: 21 cm

Small Chest Buckle
25 mm

Large Waist Buckle
50 mm

Lumbar Support
Width: ~17.8 cm
Height: ~11.4 cm

Replacement Tula Waist (Large) Buckle
Replacement Tula Waist (Large) Buckle

Replacement Tula Waist (Large) Buckle

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This is a replacement male buckle for the Tula waistband. This buckle accommodates 5 cm/2" webbing.

Any alteration or replacement to the female side of the buckle can compromise the safety of the carrier, and as such, the female side is not available for purchase. 

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